Don’t go by the Startups’ LinkedIn Profile — India’s perspective!

There is nothing wrong in having a good branding logo for your company or business. It is important to have a good image when you are providing services be it manpower support or logistic. One has to keep in mind about the excessive time and energy spent on image branding but forgetting the philosophy or principles of an organization being built on.

I remember when I was giving an interview for my previous organization Keyideas Infotech, I was so impressed because I was told that it is an IT company catering to the US market in the field of Web & Mobile app development. When I try to locate the office in Saket, it happened to be in Saiduljab which is purely a residential area. The image I had in mind of an IT company and the brutal reality are of two extremes but I have great respect for the Director of the company because he was able to employ hundred UI Designers, Programmers and Product testers.

For an employee, the location of an office plays an important role to boost his or her confidence or a sense of working for a Corporate entity. As a founder or cofounder, if you are able to rent an office space in Gurgaon such as Suncity Tower or Centrium Plaza, I’m sure it would give an employee a feel-good factor because as employees, we just want to be treated with respect and we are not business partners in which you would share your business debt or the funds you raised. If the profits earned are being shared to your employees then they have the right to know your liabilities and debt status as well.

For employees, if they want to verify the company or startups they aspire to work for, please visit glassdoor reviews where employees share the pros and cons and this would give you a better picture besides the company’s LinkedIn profile. This would make you well prepared mentally to work for the organization you wished for. Good luck!

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