How did They Survive?

I have thought a lot about our grandparents’ survival in the absence of roads and infrastructure, be it healthcare or nutrition. If the land is fertile enough, it means they are lucky to grow some grains for their stomach. If not, you are left with no options, if people are kind enough, you won’t be starving. I’m sure back then in the 1920s or 30s, community bonding and social capital was at its peak. Everyone strive for an inclusive growth and development.

I think they were able to live with limitations. When you don’t have the means, you just have to accept but the present generation with unlimited opportunities and higher disposable income, one has the access to choose certain things in life if one is not happy and keeps on changing as long as one has the ability and willingness to spend. As the saying says, “excess of everything is bad”, this continue to hold true.

I think trying to be different is not wrong, what if you are a rich man and can afford to enjoy the luxury of a Sunday brunch in Taj or Oberoi but still chooses for a simple Chole Batture at Haldiram of South-Ex or Bikanner of CP, Delhi, I’m sure this takes character to make an ordeal for your friends who would rather choose luxury than necessity.



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