Indian Startups — Employees’ perspective!

As an employee, you would automatically sense whether the company would survive or not no matter how confident the founder or cofounder is. Sometimes as employees, we would think about our salary whether it would be credited at least on the last day of the month like any other organizations like TCS and Infosys. Often, we feel so fragile and insecure about our job. We just don’t know about the revenue coming in. If we look at the stats or alexa ranking of our website or domain, it shows very promising but what comes to our treasury is something very small.

The worst part is for employees who worked for three to four years and they are being deprived of provident fund benefits and cashless facility in times of illness. They gave so much to their organization at the expense of their life but some founders and cofounders aren’t ashamed of themselves but continues to be in leadership position when they should have been fired by the board of investors. It is only when a startup such as Swiggy, Zomato or Ola who are renowned in the Indian market, then the board of investors started looking more on compliances so that their names aren’t being tarnished.

I often feel that startup employees ought to be paid at par as per the roles and the salary gap shouldn’t bee too wide. An associate or intern shouldn’t feel inferior towards his mentor or manager when it comes to a pay structure. In other words, a manager shouldn’t be commuting to his office on a Honda City whereas his team members are using Delhi Metro or shared-auto to reach office on time. The salary structure for startup employees should be equitable so that if employees find their manager in a Delhi Metro after work, it would give them a sense of bonding and equality. This would eventually lead to a longer survival of a team or startups they worked for.



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