Just be Where you Are!

A Andrew Chyne
Nov 19, 2020


You don’t need to panic.

People are moving fast,

Let them move.

Just be where you are!

Your friends are running for Delhi University’ admission,

Let them run.

They have the pace,

To win the race.

Your cousins are flying to Bangalore,

For filling the seats at St.Joseph’s College,

Let them go because they have prepared for it.

Just be where you are!

Your cousin just got a job at KPMG with a six digit figure,

And he is flying to US today evening for his clients’ project. Aren’t you congratulating him?

Yes, I did and I’m sure he would do well.

What about you? You are growing older with literally nothing in hand,

Your Mom is aging and you are just adding another burden to her. Aren’t you ashamed?

You are right Mam, I’m a burden to my Mom.

Just be with her, wherever you are!

BahBah, I wish I was like you spending time with your Mom in her old age.

I was in the US, preoccupied with my work and career, I wasn’t able to take 14 days leave just to fly to India and be with her.

Now she is gone, I wish she is still here.

How I wish to go back to those time and moments,

Of just being with her and spend time listening to her scolding and stories.

I wish I can rewind back but I can’t.

I wish I have the power to bring back the past and correct it.

BahBah, I just can’t move on. Please help me!



A Andrew Chyne

Passion drives me to move on in life.