The Beauty of Life!

When you leave your job and realized that you have just paid your credit card bills and personal expenses, you feel a bit better that you didn’t leave any personal debt after your job. That is a good feeling but you gradually realized that you won’t have any monthly income as you had while working. This is little bit about me, I do feel sad because my wallet is drying up and I can’t speak of savings because I was bootstrapping while starting my career. As I moved from one organization to the other, there has always been a pinch on my wallet but comparatively lesser the burden, when moved to a different apartment.

Personally, I want to develop a better relationship with my partner or girlfriend in this situation because I have nothing to rely on. Neither my career nor income, if I can just think about my grandparents living in the country side, how they manage to live in harmony without any regular monthly salary or income. The only luxury they have is when they reaped a good harvest that usually happens once a year and live within their limitations. I think that is true love they shared though they have left for their heavenly abode but it is something that I need to ponder after living in a sleepless tech environment of Delhi & Gurgaon.

I often ponder and long for a moment! If we can live in a situation where we have nothing but just each other for moral and emotional support, I’m sure life would be amazing. If we can just forgive each others’ mistake and accept each other as we are, I’m sure, it would be a beautiful world. In Khasi indigenous language there is a saying that says, “Lada ngi lah ban pdiang ia lade kumba ngi long, map bad ieid ia kiwei, phin shem shisha ia ka jingsuk”.




Passion drives me to move on in life.

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A Andrew Chyne

A Andrew Chyne

Passion drives me to move on in life.

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