The Day I lost respect for IIM Bangalore!

It was in 2016 when batches of IIM Bangalore secured a major placement from Flipkart, this was something shocking for me because such a prestigious management school has to submit itself before an online shopping site, An institution that is known for building India’s challenging business empire, from Tatas to Birlas and now it is allowing its students to join a business domain which just don’t have any value the moment you turn off the data on your device.

I began to question, why such a prestigious school has to subdue itself? Is it because there is hardly no placement at all? The management of IIM Bangalore needs to understand that Internet business just don’t have any value when 90% of the Indian population doesn’t have the access to computer devices, leave alone the access to data or electricity. The so called, Internet revolution or Digital India is just a hype and internet business are simply overvalued. One needs to understand that you are in India and India is not just Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore but it is more than metro cities. Unfortunately, most of our IIM graduates are nothing less than urban Indians who haven’t seen much of India, probably they might have seen if they have gone for a trip to Kodaikanal or Coorg, this would give them a better picture of India’s economy outside of urban centers.

Personally, I have great respect for IIMs or even IITs till date despite the Flipkart saga. It used to be my dream to study MBA Finance in IIM Ahmedabad or Bangalore but I got a simple-pass during my final year, this changed everything and I wasn’t eligible even to appear for an entrance exam given the ST quota.




Passion drives me to move on in life.

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A Andrew Chyne

A Andrew Chyne

Passion drives me to move on in life.

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