We Just need To Give our Best!

Whenever I wake up every morning, I am always filled with insight which makes me possible to keep on writing at least a single post a week irrespective of the circumstances. The simple answer is “digital detox”. I just don’t turn “On” the data on my mobile device and I make sure that the data is turned “On” only if I am on medium writing some posts or writing something on LinkedIn. Sometimes LinkedIn is not a good page to write if you are browsing some other sites at the same time. The enthusiasm just goes off. It happened to me today when I wanted to write something on the leadership of Edinson Cavani of Manchester United playing against Southampton yesterday evening but the fire in me just went off after browsing some of his jpgs on Google.

In an era surrounded by technology and mobile devices, some applications has become means of diversion or means of being distracted from the task at hand. This is a challenge for product developers to come up with the right technology where users can get a solution through a simple click or swipe. Product developers need to come up with solution driven technology rather than engaging it for the sake of attracting online traffic. The gradual decay of product companies such as Slack during this pandemic has allowed Zoom to become more preferred by most working professionals besides enterprises.

The more we practise digital detox, the better it is for our productivity. Unfortunately the internet industry has also given rise to emotional and psychological insecurity especially for digital working professionals or Tech founders and Cofounders. Being offline has helped me professionally with fresh ideas or concept for my clientle but it has to be exercised daily.



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