When in Helplessness, just Accept!

A Andrew Chyne
2 min readNov 26, 2020

Often we come across in our career, we wish for certain things or support from the management to make sure that our business is not affected by unforeseen circumstances but we are left literally with no response. For young and enthusiastic professional, who are dynamic enough, wouldn’t think twice of other career opportunities with a different Organization. This happen to young employees who just graduated from college or had no prior-work experience.

However one needs to think a bit, every Organization is faced with constraint. It can be many, not all constraints are financial in nature, some constraints might due to the health reason of the Creative Director in which campaigns are being delayed and couldn’t run on time and for some it can be a manpower constraint since the external consultant is engaged with other clients as well. No organization is free from such limitations or constraint but do we need to switch career when such limitations arise? If yes, how long can we switch given the fact that there is a scare of manpower in the market?

Shifting from one city to the other, doesn’t give you a perfect result. For time being, you would feel better about the new environment or atmosphere or new people that you met but with the passage of time, you would come to the actual realization. Accepting one’s own situation despite having the means to fly overseas or exploring for greener pastures, is something that would help oneself in the long run. This is how professionals like Late. A.P.J Kalam or Sir. Ratan Tata has been doing over the years. Sir Ratan Tata could have fled overseas for better healthcare or access to business opportunities but chose to remain in India because it is a place with more challenges, from policy-making to corporate governance across the business environment.

Running from problems or blaming your Boss or fellow employees wouldn’t take you anywhere but adds wound to your injury. Shouting or yelling at your partner or children in times of crisis doesn’t take you anywhere. The same applies to your career or life in the office-environment.

Good luck!