Why Vistara Safety Campaign is such a Flop!

Some of us would soften say to ourselves, “ I have spent years developing a product and also studied consumers’ behavior but they just failed to understand about my commitment. I have given them 100% and more but to no avail. Why can’t they understand it? Is it because I have developed the wrong product and the question goes on and on”!

The fact is, we tend to communicate to our customers from our perspective. When communicating to our customers or end users, we need to think from all the four angles so that a better communication is being done. For instance, the recent safety campaign by Vistara Airlines shows just one aspect of travelers catering to vacation travelers only but not those who are going for business trip or those traveling for medical reasons like treatment to CMC Vellore and other healthcare destinations.

If we continue to fail in communicating with our customers from different directions, irrespective of the branding budget we have or the brightest ideas we adopted, it would result to another waste of time. I’m sure, brand managers or Chief Marketing Officers just don’t have the luxury to waste time, hence better communication professionals has to be sought no matter how time-consuming it is.



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