You just Need to have Confidence!

Adam Neumann — He has proved that confidence is more important than an idea. In other words, idea hardly matters unless you have the confidence to reach out to investors. Matured working professionals are aware about the concept of WeWork and it is just next to impossible for a shared working space to co-exist in the long run. For short term purpose, it is the best concept ever developed. For instance, if your office is undergoing renovation, there is no better option than to opt for WeWork with the kind of facilities they are providing.

For office-space developers, they are aware about the PLC or lifecycle of an office-space. An organization that has used the premises for more than 30 years would definitely opt for renovation, hence WeWork would be the right option for accommodating staff and employees would be glad to go for a temporary office-space too.

When you have confidence even a wise investor such as Masayoshi Son of SoftBank wouldn’t even say “No” because he reached out to the right investor who is none rather than a tech investor. In other words, a tech investor is safe to function in the online domain but the moment he or she moves to logistic or cash & carry business such as groceries or micro-finance, he or she is bound to fail and would even take time to recover the cost!




Passion drives me to move on in life.

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A Andrew Chyne

A Andrew Chyne

Passion drives me to move on in life.

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